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Our story begins with a common interest of the small growing Latino community in Southampton.

Over the past years we have noticed the growing diversity of our community in Southampton and woke us the desire to publicize the Latin culture in a simple and pleasant language, bringing happiness and entertainment to our city.

This draft FiestaFM (Latin) was born out of passion. Felix, main music lover and musician for many years, after finishing his radio show (Latin Awaaz), met a Monday in July 2014 with his friend and director of radio Awaaz concern to develop this dream. From that moment, it came the great idea of creating a Latin radio to meet the growing needs of representation of our people in the Southampton area.
In this project two friends engineers by profession and great passion for Latin music and cultural expression (Aitor and Rosa) along with other friends who have opted to move forward with this dream of the first Latin radio joined Southampton.



God above everything
To our parents for having the patience and believing in us always
Ali Beg for picking us up and support this project
Cesar Moreno for his artistic vision and help when we needed it
Aitor Torres, Rosa Gilabert, Dr. Fernando Calahorro, Patricia Gonzalez, Cat Lake and Irene Gonzalez for his great help and pleased to support this project.

Thank you for believing in our dream



Favourite Colour(s):

Most Favourite Food:
Chinese food or Sushi

Least Favourite Food:
Salad – any kind

I Love:
Being with family. Long walks, play Drums, Read all types of books and watch movies

I Dislike:
Insects, hypocrisy (nobody is total innocent). Bad manners from other people.

Future aspirations:
I would like to share our dream and become your favourite radio and the best latin radio in UK.

Favourite music:
Rock and Jazz ( Robi rosa, Foo Fighters, Grobber Washinton Jr, Steve Gadd, Lenny Kravitz)