Fiesta FM: A Community radio in Southampton (UK).

This project, Fiesta 95 FM was born out of passion. Felix Pastor, is the stations project manage; a vivid lover of music and musician for many years. Throughout recent years we have noticed a growing demand in our community for Latin music/entertainment and decided to bring it to our city of Southampton.

In July 2014, Felix met with the project manager of Awaaz Radio, about the idea of starting a latin community radio station in Southampton. From that moment, Felix met with two friends and expressed the interest making this dream become a reality.

This project is based on the creation of a Community radio with a social sense and a voluntary service. Due to the continuous increase in the Hispanic population community and the interest on the ‘Hispano-latino’ culture among the British people, carrying out this project we want to offer a service information (Spanish and English news) and entertainment with different programmes and wide variety of music.

Fiesta FM will be a one of a kind community radio focused on Hispanic culture. With this, we are the first FM Latin Community Radio with a full licence in England, based in the city of Southampton.

Fiesta FM will provide free training to support the local community to improve their employability and life skills. We will continually identity opportunities that further meet the needs and aspirations of the community. The local community will have an opportunity to participate inĀ  the programming of Fiesta FM both on and off air. We will also offer induction processes and training for our radio presenters. The broadcast training will include radio programme creation, presenting skills and audio production.

For You, For Me, For Everyone.

Fiesta FM.